Business Survival Tips in COVID-19

Updated: Jul 19

You are not alone, we're all in such unprecedented times amid a global COVID-19 pandemic which has turned the world upside down. Business models have changed. Revenue streams are eliminated. Significant mental anguish instilled on us all. And nearly 45% of business owners also experience the added pressure of parenting and caring for children at home with America's school system disruptions. This often frustrating juggling act of work instability and caring for children 24/7 is exhausting.

In fact, WalletHub reports 87% of small business owners are struggling due to COVID-19 issues that have ravaged nearly every industry. So, be supportive of local businesses in your community.

One healthy option business owners are turning too is virtual mentor and advocate session. We recommend you try advocate counseling and mentoring services to spark new ideas and solutions to address COVID-19 related pressures. Try ZOOM virtual mentor advocate sessions to help solve your business and personal issues. Find answers to challenges you face Contact Us Send Note  

Since March 2020, most Americans have experienced rapid lifestyle and job changes due to COVID-19 effecting once healthy industries such as;

- Travel airlines and cruise ships

- Art events and Live Music performance venues

- Food Restaurant and Hospitality Hotels

- Office Administration Jobs

- Real Estate Open House Events

- Factories and Warehouse Safety

- Retail Shops

- Auto Dealers

- Attorney Law Firms

- Entertainment Bar

- Museums

- Education School Colleges Universities

- Sports

- Social Groups

- Church Religion

A common experience many business owners tell us is the often overwhelming guilt feeling of failure, as a results of sudden drop in revenue that forced worker lay-offs.

Most businesses are built on cohesive family like work environment and culture surrounding a shared common goal. The hours of blood, sweat and tears shared among people in a workplace, suddenly disappeared with COVID-19.

COVID-19 exhaustion and mental anguish is traumatic and the despair can be overwhelming. But many people are finding virtual mentoring helps guide them to view complex issues from a new perspective and spark unique innovative solutions.

What's the Upside of COVID-19 ...

Although, it's often hard to see beyond the immediate hardships of COVID-19. Several business and personal lifestyle advantages have arisen from COVID-19 including;

- Spending more time with family and kids at home

- Better cost efficiencies of virtual - remote work model

- Less travel time to work

- Reduced overhead costs

- A greater personal focus on staying healthy

- Renewed examination of education system for kids

- Being grateful with less

- eCommerce shopping and home delivery convenience

- Find new hobbies and healthy habits

- Exercise regularly, everyday

- Volunteer help your community and neighbors prosper

- Reach out to elderly and senior parents

- Address Home maintenance repairs and updates

Ways to reach more loyal customers amid COVID-19 ...

- Video Podcast Broadcast Channel

- Text Message, Direct to Consumer

- Social Media Network

- Community Outreach Programs and Volunteer Events

Things to avoid during COVID-19 ...

- Debt ... avoid debt like the plague

- Compulsive shopping

- Compulsive eating

- Negative thoughts, stay positive and network with positive thinkers

- Politics ... avoid destructive obsession with politics and going down the rabbit hole

- Don't get impatient ... Respect others even if your frustrated ... your kids are watching

- Move beyond failure ... failure is a natural part of life embrace failure and learn make adjustments

Consider finding new ways to your solve business and personal challenges. Contact Us Send Note  

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