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Updated: Jul 19

Today, the ability to grow your business involves a number of important elements such as the quality of people working within your organization. Hiring self-driven employees that bring mobile technology savvy skills enables the business to better curate steady grow ROI.

For example, one of the most effective ways to consistently reach customers is SMS mobile text messaging. Communicating with loyal customers and staff via mobile text generally produces 75% better response rates and text on-average costs just .15 per message.

For comparison with 1,000 likes on a Facebook Page, you'll get maybe 20 responses. Using mobile text 1,000 messages can produce 75% response, in minutes, that's nearly 750 replies, on-average. It's clear mobile text message provides excellent ROI.

A mobile text message could include sale coupons, photo images, short video clip and written content. The mobile text message is delivered nearly instantly to the audience 24/7 anywhere geographically. And technology such as geofencing alert target devices nearby.

Unlike social media posts, the mobile text message is most effective when used gently. So, if your business has a list of customer mobile phone numbers, its wise not to send more than two SMS text message offers per month. And be considerate provide an "opt out" button.

Generally, a business can develop a highly effective mobile text message advertising campaign to create greater customer loyalty and increase sales for as little as $275 per month with

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