A Project Based Work Model

Updated: Jul 19

Over the last 10 years, the nature of work has fundamentally changed. And the COVID pandemic has accelerated a cultural business model change, as 80% of leading Executives expect the future of work to be based on projects versus specific roles and by 2025, almost 50% of the U.S. workforce will consist of freelance workers, project workers.

The adoption of remote hire and project task based work is reducing staffing costs nearly 50% while companies are implementing AI robotics and automation to perform routine tasks that once used human labor. Review Click Here Prices Plans

5G ultra-fast wireless mobile and Internet of things (IoT) in 2025 will be fully integrated with a network of physical objects—“things”—that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the Internet.

And project based work culture will utilize 5G to perform Telemedicine, financial wealth management, business administration, manufacturing, 3D printing, entertainment, legal, accounting, music, video, education, dance, fitness, travel, religion, media. social networking and more.

Legacy companies now must transform their model of work - life balance as a shift in culture and generational workforce makeup introduces the "entrepreneurial employee" which tend to flourish in work environments that emphasis innovation and smaller more nimble businesses.

Entrepreneurial Employees / Project Freelance Workers enjoy the following;

Expect Praise and Appreciation for their Contribution

Look for New Opportunities to Learn

Have Unstable Career Path generally spend less time at one company

Don't See Failure as Setback, Instead view it as Learning Experience

Doers Often Don't Like Extensive Meetings, Rather Enjoy Creating from Scratch

Enjoy taking on Extra Projects Outside their Role, Welcome New Challenges

And the future of Education in America must adapt to train a new workforce that may thrive in the project based work models. Teachers must facilitate education emphasizing the 5Cs.




Critical Thinking


Particularly, the ability to properly choose and uniquely create open-up important project based work model requirements. Increasingly "freelance like" workers must employ the skill to create and independently choose projects that best meet their skill, interests and career goals. Consumer on-demand purchase of goods and service will require "custom' solutions.

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